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Łasztownia. The new heart of the city

Tuesday, 01/03/2016
Łasztownia. The new heart of the city

The Szczecin City Office has announced a redevelopment plan for Łasztownia. One of the most important items on the agenda of the “Łasztownia. The new heart of the city” project will be the announcement of an international competition for an architectural and urban-planning design for development of the area of the island.

“Łasztownia is an integral and valued part of our city. It is an area of great importance that we have been talking about for years now, just to mention the vision of the Floating Garden, for instance. The city's significant institutions are being located there already, including the refurbished Old Slaughterhouse. This is why we talk about the loss of a major project related to the notion of the redevelopment of that area. The island is intended to be brought back to the city as a place for yachting, sailing, and giving people access to the body of water, but also as a space for cultural events in the city; an area not only for building offices but residential dwellings as well. We want the Łasztownia project to be of interest not only to Polish and European architects and urban planners, but also to the architects and urban planners from the entire world” said Piotr Krzystek, Mayor of Szczecin during a press conference on the project.

In the second half of 2018, the local land development plan will be adopted for the city, which will include the plans for the area of Łasztownia. The period between June and September 2018 will be devoted to the preparation of materials for an investment proposal. Those activities will conclude the process of searching investors, and preparing and carrying out tenders for municipal real estate and investment initiatives for other real estate units.


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