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2015 Round-up of events

Tuesday, 26/01/2016
2015 Round-up of events


Please read our brief round-up of the most important events of the passing year.


The Szczecin Philharmonic has accustomed us to being one of the most recognisable and beautiful buildings in our city. Not only has it been appreciated by the residents of Szczecin, but also by many people from this country and abroad.

The building has been awarded several prizes and honourable mentions throughout the year: Structure of the Year 2014 (Bryła Roku 2014), the best facility for public use in Polish XXL Architecture, the “Thing with Class 2014” (Rzecz z Klasą 2014) title, one of the 7 New Wonders of Poland, and the most important Mies van der Rohe award.

The finale of the Baltic Tall Ships Regatta was certainly an important event. During the June weekend, the Szczecin wharfs gathered over 400,000 people. One could admire a dozen or so sailers and take part in the many accompanying events.



fot. Finał regat The Baltic Tall Ships Regatta

fot. Jednostki cumujące przy szczecińskich nabrzeżach podczas finału The Baltic Tall Ships Regatta

A complement to the June sailing event was the 2015 Pyromagic International Fireworks Show. Four spectacular firework displays lit up the night sky over Szczecin and enraptured the crowds gathered at Wały Chrobrego. Other attractions included the Firefighter Combat Challenge competition and the concerts performed as part of the Szczecin Music Live festival.

fot. Nowość podczas tegorocznego Festiwalu Pyromagic – pokaz dziennej pirotechniki

fot. Zachwycające pokazy sztucznych ogni przyciągnęły liczną publiczność

The last year brought a revolution in Szczecin city transit. After two-year construction works, at the end of August, a new rail line for trams joining the right- and left-bank Szczecin was launched. The Szczecin High-Speed Tram (SST) joined the city centre to the estates at the right bank of the Oder river. Thanks to the repairs of the rail lines on Gdyńska and Energetyków streets, you can now quickly and safely travel from the Long Bridge (Most Długi) to the Sunny Estate (Osiedle Słoneczne).

fot. Szczeciński Szybki Tramwaj 

The above investments are not the only projects completed in 2015. It’s worth mentioning the Brodowski Pond, which was created within the Szczecin Citizen Budget. A place which used to be repulsive in appearance and which was not very popular among residents underwent a total makeover. New alleys, benches, playgrounds for the youngest residents of Szczecin, an open-air gym, and romantic evening lighting allow people to rest at the pond at any time of day all the year round. Another facility that was renovated is the Grawitz Villa, which houses the Music School. The building has regained its former splendour and can serve well the next generations of musicians. Sailers could use a modern marina, the Yacht Port, at the Grodzka Island.

fot. Staw Brodowski

fot. Nowoczesna marina w samym sercu miasta – Port Jachtowy

The year 2015 also brought a few novelties and improvements in the social sphere. The most important one is the preparation and introduction of Poland’s first Caring Voucher, an innovative project enhancing the functioning of care over the youngest residents of the city. Furthermore, on the territory of Szczecin, Day Care Centres were opened thanks to the Senior-Wigor project, and Envelopes of Life were introduced, which enhance the safety of Szczecin’s seniors. Moreover, to make it easier for deaf-mute persons to move around and function in society, municipal workers (such as bus drivers, civil servants, social workers, etc.) took part in training sessions organised within the second edition of the programme titled Deaf people in public space.

fot. Koperta Życia


What else happened in 2015?
Once again we celebrated the Scandinavian Days. This event had already become part of the events calendar in Szczecin. The Scandinavian Days are not only conferences devoted to business matters, but also numerous cultural and sports events for all residents. A special moment of this edition was the renewal of the partnership agreement between Szczecin and the Danish city of Esbjerg.

fot. Steen Hommel – ambasador Danii odwiedził Szczecin w ramach tegorocznych Dni Skandynawskich

In 2015 we also celebrated the 70th anniversary of our city, elected representatives to the Estate Council, had the Presidential Couple as guests in Szczecin, and voted for upcoming projects within the Szczecin Citizen Budget. Moreover, Agata Kulesza, the actress from Szczecin, who starred in the Oscar-winning film production “Ida” – became one of our city’s ambassadors.

fot. 70. Urodziny Miasta

fot. Spotkanie z nowymi Ambasadorami Szczecina

Residents of Szczecin can already use the Enquirer Service Room of the City Hall, which was completely redecorated last year. The new room has a lot of improvements, which, among other things, make enquirer service more efficient. Several improvements for the disabled were made.
In addition, many events were held at the Szczecin sports arenas. The Janusz Kusociński memorial event was organised for the 61st time. Krzysztof Hołowczyc, for the second time in a row, won the BAJA Poland rally, which once again took place in our city, while the tennis player Jan-Lennard Struff won the Pekao Szczecin Open tournament. We also watched the struggles of competitors during the rowing machine championship and cheered on runners taking part in the Half Marathon and the Marathon.

fot. Wyremontowana sala Biura Obsługi Interesantów UM Szczecin

fot. Tegoroczna edycja szczecińskiego Półmaratonu



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