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A special musical piece for Szczecin

Tuesday, 15/12/2015
A special musical piece for Szczecin

Szczecin has joined the group of cities which became an inspiration for the creation of a musical piece. An excellent composer of the young generation – Piotr Jańczak – wrote a musical piece entitled “Szczecińska Msza Filmowa” (The Szczecin Film Mass) with Szczecin in mind, and dedicated his work to the city.

“The Szczecin Film Mass” is a work which was created for Szczecin and was dedicated in its entirety to the capital city of West Pomerania. The premier of the Piotr Jańczak’s musical piece will take place on 31 January 2016 in the Mieczysław Karłowicz Philharmonic Hall in Szczecin. On this day a “Słowiki 60 for the residents of Szczecin” gala concert will be held during which two male voice choirs (Jan Szyrocki’s Słowiki 60 from Szczecin and the Wyrzyski Male Choir), the Szczecin Philharmonic Orchiestra and 4 soloist (Adam Sobierajski, Marcin Pomykała, Jarosław Bręk oraz Andrzej Nowakowski) will perform in front of the assembled audience.


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