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Szczecin has the most modern depot in Poland

Friday, 13/11/2015
Szczecin has the most modern depot in Poland

The Tramwaje Szczecińskie company has just completed the modernisation of its Pogodno depot, situated on Wojska Polskiego Avenue, which currently serves 127 tram-cars of various types (mainly articulated), including 28 Swing trams, 73 articulated Tatra trams and 2 Moderus Beta trams.

The facility has been redeveloped and adjusted to serve low-floor trams. The fact that the hall, constructed in 1934, which has been housing trams within the Pogodno depot until the present, has been renovated to the tiniest detail, adds an additional charm to the modernised building.

The depot modernisation has marked the final investment implemented within the project entitled Track-Way Construction and Modernisation in Szczecin, launched in 2012. Apart from the modernisation work in question, the project has also entailed redeveloping the track system at the Port Gate (Polish: Brama Portowa), the junction of Bohaterów Warszawy Avenue and Jagiellońska Street, the track-way on Piastów Avenue, Energetyków Street and Gdańska Street, and also the Basen Górniczy bus and tram terminus.


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