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The Christmas Fair at the Castle

Thursday, 19/11/2015
The Christmas Fair at the Castle

Bathed in the magical atmosphere of Christmas, the castle courtyards will lure Szczecin residents and tourists with a multitude of attractions, including concerts, theatre performances, games and other fun activities, along with an elfin workshop and a cinema for the kids.

Walking from one Christmas stall to another, you will be offered a chance to taste delicious regional dishes and to drink creamy hot chocolate. The Grand Courtyard will feature a large and generously decorated natural Christmas Tree. On the square you will have an inimitable opportunity to listen to Santa Claus, telling stories about the land he comes from. He has also promised to bring a letter box with him, to let the residents of Szczecin share their dreams. The corral of reindeers, which assist Santa Claus with distributing Christmas presents, will be yet another attraction of the Christmas Fair.

The Mint Courtyard will house a beautiful Venetian carousel that will certainly give the youngest visitors a lot of joy, with free rides on offer to all children! During the Fair, you will have a chance to take as many free bites of candyfloss, popcorn and apples, as you would like. And these are not all the delicacies that will be offered!

The Fair will be organised on 12 and 13 December.

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