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Paczka dla Rodaka i Bohatera na Kresach

Friday, 06/11/2015
Paczka dla Rodaka i Bohatera na Kresach

For the second time the Christmas convoy is to set off from Szczecin to provide assistance to fellow countrymen residing in Lithuania.
This year's charity event referred to as "Paczka dla Rodaka i Bohatera na Kresach" (A gift for borderland countrymen and heroes) began as early as in June with the organising of summer holidays for borderland children.

Together with the Szczecińsko-Kamieńska Archdiocese Caritas (a charity organisation), the organisers invited children from Polish families residing abroad to a summer camp connected with language training. The camp was attended by 40 children residing in the Grodno Region, Belarus, and 10 children from the Vilnius Region, Lithuania.
Financial contributions to the charity can be made to the special bank account of the Szczecińsko-Kamieńska Archdiocese Caritas (address: ul. Wieniawskiego 5, 71-142 Szczecin), account No. 21 1020 4795 0000 9302 0004 5757, with the following note: "Kresy".
The collection of material gifts (food with long expiry dates, common household chemicals and school appliances) will be held between 2 November and 14 December 2015.

More information on the event can be found on:


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