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MTS and Żegluga Szczecińska to join forces

Friday, 06/11/2015
MTS and Żegluga Szczecińska to join forces

Żegluga Szczecińska and Międzynarodowe Targi Szczecińskie, two Szczecin-based companies, will combine their forces and potential, with a view to expanding the activities related to exploiting the Szczecin boulevards and the Łasztowna area, organising events, and promoting the City.

Expectations come true. The City is to take further measures to increase the effectiveness of its projects, implemented by City Hall and commune-based units, and to optimise their overall costs. Currently, analyses are being conducted with the aim, inter alia, of integrating bus companies (i.e. Szczecińskie Przedsiębiorstwo Autobusowe Dąbie and Klonowica). Changes will also involve Nieruchomości i Opłaty Lokalne Sp. z o.o. It will cease to operate as a limited-liability company and its operations will be run by a newly-established budgetary unit. Following thorough analyses, a decision has been made to merge the potential of two Szczecin-based companies, Żegluga Szczecińska and Międzynarodowe Targi Szczecińskie.

More effectiveness and more action. The consolidation of the objectives pursued by both companies is important in terms of more effective use of both the boulevards by the Oder river, administrated by Żegluga Szczecińska, and the personnel and organisation potential afforded by MTS. Therefore, apart from taking care of the embankment areas, Żegluga Szczecińska will also deal with organising events along the Szczecin boulevards and conducting promotional activities for the benefit of the Commune.


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