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Klaudia Podkalicka is going to Qatar

Friday, 09/10/2015
Klaudia Podkalicka is going to Qatar

The driver from Szczecin is among the 9 female drivers and 9 female co-drivers invited to participate in cross-country training under the supervision of Jutta Kleinschmid, the winner of the Dakar Rally. From among a group of 18 women, two (driver and co-driver) will be chosen to participate in the Sealine Cross-Country Rally World Cup 2016.

The FIA Women and Motor Sport Commission – in cooperation with the Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation (QMMF) has introduced a project that aims at selecting two women: a driver and a co-driver. The two will be equipped with a rally vehicle for the World Cup Rally, Sealine Cross-Country 2016.

From among the 85 proposed female candidates from 39 countries, 9 drivers and 9 co-drivers were selected, with one of the pairs being a Polish representative proposed by the Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Association – Klaudia Podkalicka. Tests and training will last from 2 to 5 November and on the last day the women’s team will be chosen.


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