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European Jazz Union created in Szczecin

Monday, 14/09/2015
European Jazz Union created in Szczecin

Szczecin is the leader of the European Jazz Union (EJU), an international arts project that brings together universities, festivals, clubs and associations from various countries.

Members of the EJU include the Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen, the Netherlands; the Jazz i Malmo Association in Sweden; the Nordischer Klang Festival from Greifswald, Germany; the II Pentagramma Jazz School in Bari, Italy; the Music Conservatory in Monopoli, Italy; the Porte Theatre in Hamamatsu, Japan; the Jazzinty Festival in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, and others.

These associated institutions and organisations have created a cooperation network to facilitate artistic exchange, mutual promotion, the internationalisation of renowned artistes’ careers, jazz education for teenagers, and joint applications for EU funds.
In the EJU, Szczecin is represented by Sylwek Ostrowski, a saxophonist, and the whole project is being coordinated by the Szczecin Art Agency (SAA).


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