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Pyromagic 2015 – fire up!

Friday, 14/08/2015
Pyromagic 2015 – fire up!

Beautiful weather, sport competitions, live music and a smoking-hot night on Chrobry's Embankments.

For the eighth time the sky over Szczecin flared up with millions of colours. Just after sunset the Embankments became host to an amazing firework show. This is not to say, however, that there was nothing happening during the day.

The Szczecin Firefighter Combat Challenge
Firefighters from all over Europe competed in full sun and in full gear. The fifth "Szczecin Firefighter Combat Challenge" began. Firefighters had to complete a course which included a run up a third-floor platform. Then, they would pull a 20 kg weight up and run back down. After that, using a special hammer, they would move a steel beam, complete a slalom and run over a dozen metres with a fire hose. The final task was to carry an eighty-kilo dummy. All these activities were performed in full gear and forty-degree heat. The event will continue until Sunday (7-9th August).
As always, this event accompanies the PYROMAGIC Festival. FCC is a competition for the toughest fire fighters that attracts more and more audience.

The Baltica Summer Cup
Another event to accompany the firework festival is the Baltica Summer Cup. This female handball tournament at the Azoty Arena will be held from Friday to Sunday (7-8 August). This prestigious competition will bring together leading teams from the PGNiG Women's Superleague, such as KGHM Metraco Zagłębie Lubin, SPR Pogoń Baltica Szczecin and Nykøbing Falster, a Dutch league club. In the opening match, SPR Pogoń Baltica Szczecin beat Nykøbing Falster 39:38.

The Pyromagic opening ceremony started just after 8.00 pm. On its first day, the festival presented the first daylight pyrotechnics show, a surprise event the audience looked forward to for several days. Spectacular colourful smoke created an amazing show. The sky became painted with innumerable colours.
Immediately before the competition show began, the stage was taken by the first artiste - DJ Balkan Valkan. It has already became a tradition that the PYROMAGIC firework show is accompanied by a unique musical setting. It is the third time that Szczecin Music Live has taken place. This year's festival follows the musical orientation towards a combination of folk and dance music, coupled with some electronic music, that was favourably received by the audience in Szczecin. The festival featured Las Balkanieras, Germany, DJ Balkan Valkan, Macedonia, Dub Pistols, a British group, and Olah & Nullptr, Szczecin, Poland.

Show 1
On 7 August, at 10.10 pm the first competition show, an event that everyone looked forward to, started. The stage was taken over by Pyrotecnia Zaragozana, Spain, making its début at Pyromagic. After the compulsory piece that starts each show (La gazza ladra, or The Thieving Magpie, by Gioacchino Rossini), the Spaniards immediately set the stage on fire to All you need is love by The Beatles. The fireworks were further accompanied by songs by such stars as Whitney Houston and David Bowie, as well as classical and opera music.
The show was followed by Las Balkanieras, a group of three female singers who treated the audience to a combination of folk and electronic music.

Show 2
The second show by HANWHA , a Korean company, made the audience all fired up and looking forward to the following day. The Koreans focussed on synchronising the show with the music and delivered an almost perfect performance. Although it was not easy, since they selected significantly different pieces, e.g. Skyfall, the theme song of the recent James Bond film, and... Gangnam Style.
During the 8th PYROMAGIC 2015 and 7th Szczecin Music Live 2015 there was a popularity contest designed to allow the audience choose their winner.

Show 3
Fire Event from Luxembourg recalled the Hair musical for the audience by combining their impressive show with the song Aquarius. Their performance finished with a series of explosions which made the sky as bright as in daylight.
The show was followed by Dub Pistols and their reggae music.

Show 4
As always, the festival ended with a performance by SUREX, the organiser. Again, the audience was not let down. The show was just spectacular, as evidenced by the rapturous ovation it was given.

The winner of this year's 8th Pyromagic 2015 was Fire Event, a Luxembourg-based company. It was also the one to win the Audience Award. It was the first time when the festival's audience could vote via SMS. Second place was taken by the Koreans and the third by the Spaniards. The jury assessed in particular the synchronisation of the show with the musical background, the materials used and the colours.

On the first day the event was attended by around 50,000 people and on the second by as many as 65,000.
We are looking forward to seeing you again at the Pyromagic next year!


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