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Park redevelopment completed

Friday, 14/08/2015
Park redevelopment completed

The third and fourth stages of the redevelopment of the park located at the junction of 26 Kwietnia and Twardowskiego Streets are complete.

As a result, a playground with wooden equipment was provided for use. Under the equipment you will find a safe, sandy surface. Another new element is an agility course for dogs. It is fenced in and can be accessed through new lanes winding their way through the Park. In addition, litter bins, benches and information boards were put in next to the playground and the course. These last two stages were completed by J. Rosiek & D. Sobczyński. The project cost ca. PLN 206,000.

The initial stages of the Twardowskiego Park redevelopment were completed in 2014. Previously, the area served as an illegal rubbish dump, overgrown with thicket. Now the park has safe lanes paved with setts. Electrical installation work allowed us to provide lighting in the park. It was also equipped with litter bins, benches, bicycle racks and information boards. The new open-air gym also enjoys great popularity.


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