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Open-air cinema opens at Arkonka

Friday, 14/08/2015
Open-air cinema opens at Arkonka

On Friday evening Arkonka is going to take you to the world of Avatar. At 9.30 pm this Pool & Recreation Complex will open its open-air cinema for the first time. Two weeks later, on 28 August, you will be able to see another, a bit older, blockbuster - City of Angels.

On Friday, the Complex will have its regular opening hours, 10.00 am - 8.00 pm. It will reopen for the screening at 9.00 pm. To enter Arkonka you will have to meet two conditions.

The first is to send an e-mail to wieczorfilmowy@zuk.szczecin.pl with your full name in it.

And on Friday - as the second condition - you need to bring with you at least 10 plastic screw-on caps, or some e-waste.

All these things will be put into a mobile waste collection point, or ecoport, located by the entrance. The caps will be later recycled to raise money for children in need.

The screen will be placed next to the restaurant, with its back towards it. We recommend that you bring a small blanket with you so that you can sit down comfortably on the grass in front of the screen.

The event is organised by Zakład Usług Komunalnych, a public utility company, and the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (WFOŚiGW).


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