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Culture on View in Szczecin

Monday, 20/07/2015
Culture on View in Szczecin

The Culture on View project has been designed to provide the public with access to a wealth of legal cultural resources. A wide variety of movies, books, games and music albums will be available from special installations set up in the public spaces of Szczecin, between 17 August and 3 September.

Over 900 digital movies, music albums, books, games and archival pieces will be available from the Culture on View installations. These installations have been moving places across Poland since 27 May 2015. This multimedia library will visit a total of 48 locations and 14 festivals across the country to offer smart-phone, tablet-computer and Internet users the opportunity to legally access and download a wealth of cultural resources. Starting from 17 August 2015, this multimedia event will come to Szczecin. It will be located in the city centre, right off the fountain on the Jasne Błonie green.

Culture on View is a multimedia project designed to provide the public with access to a wealth of legal digital cultural resources. In doing so, the project is meeting – quite literally – the growing demand for new forms of experiencing culture. Set up in central locations of cities and cultural-event venues across Poland, these multimedia installations, which also feature posters, offer downloadable movies, music, books and games. At the project’s core is its website. Whatever your preferences are and wherever you live – no limits whatsoever – you will be able to enjoy all of these cultural treats via www.kulturnawidoku.pl.


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