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The Szczecin Triathlon

Monday, 13/07/2015
The Szczecin Triathlon

The triathlonists competing in Szczecin have again received an extremely warm welcome, both as regards the atmosphere and the weather. The competition at both distances attracted a total of 450 athletes who were not discouraged by high temperatures. The Polish Champion titles were won by Marek Jaskółka and Paulina Kotfica.

Triathlon seems to have really settled down in Szczecin. Following the successful debut as part of the Enea Tri Tour cycle, the capital city of the Westpomeranian Region was given the rights to organise the Polish Championships at 56.5 km which is currently the most popular distance among Polish athletes. Triathlonists also competed at 112.95 km. The competition at both distances attracted a total of 450 athletes. This number becomes even higher if we add 52 younger competitors participating in the Saturday's Children Race which opened the Szczecin sports feast.

Szczecin has already proven that it deserves to organise top-class triathlon competitions,” said Wojciech Kruczyński, President of Endu Sport and Manager of the Enea Tri Tour cycle. “The competition in the river, coupled with a fast cycling route and a picturesque running route, make Szczecin a perfect place to hold competitions of this or even higher rank. The location of Szczecin in the vicinity of the western border of Poland, and within a short distance from Scandinavia, makes it really attractive to foreign competitors. All this creates substantial potential for organising triathlon events in our city,” added Mr Kruczyński.

The numbers regarding the Szczecin Triathlon also appear impressive. The entire event was safeguarded by over 250 people (including volunteers, medical staff and police officers), with five rescue boats ensuring swimming route safety and six motorcycles taking care of the athletes competing on the cycling route. Special thanks should go to the local authorities who provided their continual organisational and logistic support for this sporting event.

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