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A legendary team to play in Szczecin

Tuesday, 14/04/2015
A legendary team to play in Szczecin

Scored full-court shots, spectacular basketball tricks and acrobatic antics – all this for the audience’s pleasure on 29 April at the Azoty Arena. The undisputed wizards and showmen of basketball – The Harlem Globetrotters – are coming to Szczecin!

The Harlem Globetrotters is a team created and couched by Abe Saperstein, who employed 5 black players, known as the Savoy Big Five, and decided to show their skills to the whole of the United States. The Globetrotters played their first game in 1927, and since then have clocked up more than 22,000 games in 150 countries.

The Harlem Globetrotters are composed of slam-dunk record holders, and are the only sports team that has its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Among the numerous NBA stars who once played for Harlem Globetrotters, are Wilt Chamberlain, Marques Haynes and Reece Tatum.
Every appearance of the team is an unforgettable experience and great fun. The acting and basketball skills of the players make it impossible for the audience to take their eyes off them, and constantly deliver new food for the senses.

The event in the Azoty Arena is being organised by Arena Szczecin Operator.

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