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Urban games for foreginers

Monday, 24/02/2014
Urban games for foreginers


School of Polish Language and Culture of the University of Szczecin and Erasmus Student Network Szczecin would like to invite all foreigners to Szczecin urban games and cultural workshop free of charge in the period of 25-27.02.2014.

The games will allow you to know Szczecin better and to make new acquaintances. A separate meeting on Wednesday at al. Piastów 40 b, building. 3, room. 1 (at 5p.m.) will allow the participants to learn about the Polish language courses in Szczecin and a possibility to participate in free workshops in English, Polish and German languages. A free membership card at Jatomi Pure Fitness Club can be won during the meeting.

For those who will attend the games there are also prizes to be won during a karaoke party at Free Blues Club.
No prior knowledge of Polish language is necessary.

Those who cannot attend the games can still participate in the workshop and the informational meeting at al. Piastów 40 b, building. 3, room. 1 (at 4 and 5p.m. - see the Schedule).

Tue., Feb 25th., 4p.m.:
get-together in Patio Club (ul. Podgórna 63) and beginning of the games;
Wed., Feb 26th., 3p.m.:
meeting at the main entrance the Students' Dorm No 3 (ul. Kordeckiego 15), a trip to the Faculty of Philology campus at al. Piastów 40 b;
Wed., Feb 26th., 4p.m.:
al. Piastów 40 b, building 3, room 1 -
a 45-minute sregional culture workshop free of charge (in English);
Wed., Feb 26th., 5p.m.:
al. Piastów 40 b, building 3, room 1 - informational meeting about Polish language courses and a possibility to take part in free lectures and workshop in English, Polish and German related to the history and culture of the region; during the meeting the participants will have a chance to win a free gym membership card at Pure Jatomi Fitness Szczecin;
Thu., Feb 27th., 9p.m.:
conclusion of the games at the Free Blues Club (al. Powstańców Wielkopolskich 20), a karaoke party and official results of the games; the winners will receive prizes such as vouchers, books, gadgets etc.


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