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Pumps renovation

Monday, 10/02/2014
Pumps renovation

This year next 5 antique pumps called "Berlinki" will be renovated. They are characteristic elements of our city. After renovation they will please the eye of our residents and tourists with their esthetic look and current water.

Pumps will be cleaned and then missing elements will be reconstructed. Reconstruction will be performed by conventional casting however the models will be designed by computers.

There are 27 antique pumps which were made at the turn of 1865-1985 in F. Poepcke factory in Szczecin and Królewiec. Pumps are 3 meters high. After the war, elements from destroyed pumps were taken to operating pumps. Devices function irrespective of city water supply. Water is pumped manually. In June 2000, pumps were recorded in the register of monuments.

Renovation is to start in spring and finish in the second half of the year.

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