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Westival 2013

Monday, 25/11/2013
Westival 2013

Westival Art of Architecture 2013 behind us. Extraordinary in its form, seventh edition of Westival prepared numerous attractions for the residents of Szczecin and its visitors. Everyone, from the youngest to the oldest architecture hothead, found something for themselves in Westival's tree-day itinerary. The controversial main exhibition, famous names at discussion panels, authors' meetings, movies, concerts, trips around Szczecin. 25-27 October 2013 will stay in the memory of all lovers of architecture and of their city for long.

Architecture Westival 2013 was officially opened on Friday, 25th October at 7 p.m. at the Art Aim-Station (Trafostacja Sztuki). Around 400 people could look closely for the first time at Westival's main exhibition which, as the whole of this year's edition, was united under the watchword 'Made in … National Architecture?'. The subject of Westival 2013 asked a fundamental question – whether Polish architecture exists, whether there still is room for national styles in the globalized world?

Day two of Westival gathered even more Szczecinians than day one. Most of all, thanks to the opportunity to enter the construction site of the Breakthroughs Dialogue Centre (Centrum Dialogów Przełomy) and the new Philharmonic Hall, which have the chance to become Szczecin's new icons; they were guided by architects and construction managers. The interest in tours exceeded the expectations of organizers themselves. After a morning full of emotions there came time for the discussion panel with all the famous heads, including Ewa Porębska – chief editor of Architekruta Murator magazine, architect Robert Konieczny or the artist Katarzyna Krakowiak. The lectures gathered nearly 200 listeners at the Książnica Pomorska Library.

On Sunday, Westival's participants familiarized children with architecture during workshops, the kids got to know Szczecin during non-obvious trips and had the chance to see designs and ideas for our city of students of architecture.

Szczecin's division of the Association of Polish Architects – organizer of Westival 2013 – together with its participants once again showed how many of the Szczecinians loved architecture and what an architectonically beautiful city Szczecin is.

Next edition of Westival only in a year's time!

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