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Szczecin at the Hanseboot fairs

Monday, 25/11/2013
Szczecin at the Hanseboot fairs

The city of Szczecin presented itself at the Hanseboot fairs in Hamburg 26.10 – 3.11.2013.

The Hanseboot fairs are one of the largest sailing fair events in Europe. Every year about 80,000 visitor frequent them. This is an excellent opportunity to present Szczecin's water tourism offer to a specific target group of sailors, motorboat lovers, kayakers and others who are interested in spending time on water. Szczecin has more and more to offer in this area, therefore the direction of promoting the city is most consistent with the Floating Garden brand strategy.

During the fairs, promotional materials of the tourism offer of Szczecin's waters were distributed by the stalls. 8-page folders and 30-page mini guides to Szczecin's waters were published for this occasion. They describe Szczecin's attractions on water and show specific offers for how to spend time: kayaking, boat trips and other events on water. The publications were issued in three language options: Polish, German and English. There are also available at municipal tourist information points.

The most important subject at the City of Szczecin's stall was the Yacht Harbour in the city centre. A number of people had already known about it being built and asked with great interest about the details, such as the possibility of storing the yacht permanently. They stressed a great need to create such a harbour close to city attractions. They were also informed of the fact that water spots will also appear in the coming years – little anchoring jetties beautifully situated among Szczecin's wild Inter-Odra Islands.

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