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34th Szczecin ‘Gryf” Half Marathon

Monday, 09/09/2013
34th Szczecin ‘Gryf” Half Marathon

More than 1300 people joined the 34th Szczecin “Gryf” Half Marathon ipso facto beating the record of attendance from previous years.

Next edition of the oldest Szczecin run is behind us. 1291 out of more than 1300 finish the race. The route was 21,097 km long. It started from the stadium in
Litewska Street and finished in Lotnikow Square. The supporters gathered numerously.

Two Kenyans were first: Kwalia Launen with time 01:06:25 and Makau Munguti Mark with time 01:06:49.  The best of Poles was Artur Kern with time 01:08:57. The best woman Nguria Regina also came from Kenya, next places were taken by the Poles: Paulina Włodarek and Andrzejczak Monika

The winners received money prizes and commemorative medals. However satisfaction of finishing the race was the most important.

The Half Marathon appeals to more and more people of different race and age each year. Running is becoming favorite way of active leisure. The oldest contestant Florian Kropidłowski was 78.

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