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Revolution in Pionier Cinema

Thursday, 20/06/2013
Revolution in Pionier Cinema

The oldest cinema in the world has resigned from tapes. Although digital technology came to Pionier the unique atmostphere of the small cinema will be kept.

New digital projector in the main cinema hall is ready to be used. The central reason of this decision is technology development. Not all films that Pioniore wanted to show were available on tapes. For the sake of good repertoire, decision of digitization has been made. Films from digital projector will be shown in the big cinema room also in 3D technology.

However it doesn't mean that Pionier resigns from film tape completely. Old films with a pre-lecture and those with live music will be still shown in the lower cinema room.

Purchase and installation of a new projector cost 220 000 PLN. 80 000 PLN were financed by National Institute of Film Art. Newly installed cinema equipment is the smalles digital projector in the world.


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