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Janusz Kusociński Memorial

Tuesday, 11/06/2013
Janusz Kusociński Memorial

Athletes form all over the world will come to Szczecin to take part in the 59th Janusz Kusocinski Memorial Szczecin 2013.

For the first time, Szczecin will be a guest of the oldest athletic meeting in Europe. Athletes' efforts will be watched live from two grandstands of the stadium, where 3,000 people will be seated. This year edition of the memorial holds 18 athletic disciplines including two 4 x 100 relay races, men and women. Women will compete in 7 disciplines, men in 11.

The memorial is not going to lack grand stars. Tomasz Majewski, Anita Włodarczyk, Piotr Małachowski, Adam Kszczot, Betty Heidler, Yipsi Moreno, Krisztian Pars, David Storl, Gerd Kanter, Raphael Holzdeppe, among others, will take part in the tournaments. World class fighting will be presented to all spectators on that day. 

The undoubted attraction of the 59th Memorial will be the AAF HAMMER THROW CHALENGE, where best hammer throwers will face each other.


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