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The Organizers of The Tall Ships Races Visit Szczecin

Friday, 22/03/2013
The Organizers of The Tall Ships Races Visit Szczecin

The preparation for the final of The Tall Ships Races is quickening its pace. The representatives of Sail Training International who are the organizers of regatta were Szczecin's guests. During a briefing with the President of Szczecin they were talking about the preparations.

Paul Thomson and Paul Bishop, heads of STI came to Szczecin to meet people responsible for organizing Szczecin's final. We are prepared for the regatta. We want this event to be at least as wonderful as it was in 2007. We expect 2 million visitors to come and more than 100 tall ships in our port- stressed Piotr Krzystek, the President of Szczecin, during the briefing with the guests from England.

The representatives of Sail Training International assessed our preparations for the big sailing festival positively. Guests also stressed good relationship with Szczecin City and our huge engagement in the preparations.
The both underlined that all activities are going in the good direction and they are calm about the course of the regatta's final.

Promotion of the event made huge impression on STI representatives. Our city planned a lot of different marketing activities such as enormous billboards in the biggest Polish cities, spots in multiplex cinemas and Discovery Chanel and ads in newspapers, TV and the Internet.

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