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2008 ‘Blackout’ Celebrated in Song

Wednesday, 08/04/2009
2008 ‘Blackout’ Celebrated in Song

American jazz singer Judy Bady commemorates last year’s power outage in the region during a concert on Polish television. The vocalist, a native of the US state of Michigan, supplied the lyrics for music by Piotr Wojtasik, who composed ‘Blackout’ after the breakdown at a regional power plant forced the city of Szczecin and dozens of surrounding towns and villages to go without electricity for several hours on April 8 last year. She performed the piece during ‘Blackout - Szczecin Unplugged,’ a concert taped at the TVP studios in Szczecin and dedicated to area residents. Attendees at the concert included Mayor Piotr Krzystek and Marcin Zydorowicz , the Western Pomeranian Voivod, under whose patronage the event took place.

Judy Bady


Piotr Wojtasik - Music
Judy Bady - Text and Lyric

When going through trials and tribulations, some people become depressed, seeking to numb their misery and anquish with all manner of stimulants and abhorrent behaviors, wandering in a mental blackout. 
However, if one becomes still and taps into the positive creative spirit that is present in all of us, one can move from darkness into the beautiful light.

People of Szczecin have faith, your renewal is coming.
Walk upright proudly and move from the darkness to the light.
Renewal is coming, oh people, peace comes from on high.

Brothers and sisters be strong, your refreshing is coming.
Follow your vision and move from the shadows to the light.
The darkness is leaving, my people, true sight comes from high.

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