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The Academy of Art has been launched!

Monday, 04/10/2010
The Academy of Art has been launched!

On Saturday, 2 October, the first public university of arts in Szczecin officially began its academic year. The inauguration was attended by Prime Minister Donald Tusk and the legendary saxophonist Billy Harper.

The opening of the Academy of Arts is the result of efforts lasting several months undertaken by cultural communities and residents themselves. Promotional actions and petitions have had an effect – we have gained an exceptional university, at which future musicians and artists are already studying.

“I treat this day as a huge triumph for Szczecin as a city of art” – said Prime Minister Donald Tusk during inauguration. “Several months ago I came across a group of enthusiasts who, with exceptional consistency, reminded me that Szczecin deserves its own academy of art.”

After the speeches, Voivode Marcin Zydorowicz, on behalf of Minister Bogdan Zdrojewski, awarded Sylwester Ostrowski, a proxy of the Voivode, for creating the Academy of Arts and the saxophonist, “For contribution to Polish culture”. The medal was accompanied by a contrabass.

The ceremony did not lack “Gaudeamus”, sung by first-year students, and the first credit books were given.

Next, those gathered went to Pałac pod Globusem (the Palace under the Globe), where a plaque commemorating the establishment of the Academy of Art in Chopin Year was unveiled.

The celebrations ended with a unique concert by Billy Harper. The musician was accompanied by the choir of the Academy of Art, which practised under the supervision of the jazzman for the whole week.

Classes at the Academy of Arts are taking place. They are attended by 450 students and 120 teachers in total.

More information about the Academy on www.akademiasztuki.eu.

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