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Thousands of Labyrinths of Culture entities

Wednesday, 12/05/2010
Thousands  of Labyrinths of Culture entities

The internet culture entities database (institutional and non-institutional) from Szczecin - LabiryntKultury.pl – has exceeded the magic number of one thousand. This proves that the city possesses a significant potential hidden in the local culture-producing activity.

The internet culture entities database was created as a consequence of the quantitative research carried out within the scope of the “Diagnosis of Szczecin culture” project. Its results begin to reflect what constitutes the LabiryntuKultury.pl database. Specifically, Szczecin cultural life is rich and diversified. Unfortunately however, its drawback is the major level of dispersion. This in consequence results in the fact that one doesn’t feel the artistic and creative pulse of the city. And LabiryntKultury.pl, created in collaborationthrough SZCZECIN 2016 with the Culture and Sports Foundation „Prawobrzeże” and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, together with the Association of Leaders and Fundraising Professionals, is to become the place where the people of Szczecin will be able to acquire basic information about cultural entities (including the small ones) and their activities. In this way they will be able to appreciate and rediscover the creative values of this city. 

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