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The season for Cruise Ships Begins

Monday, 10/05/2010
The season for Cruise Ships Begins

13 offshore cruise ships will call at the port in Szczecin. The first one came on Tuesday, the 11th of May.
It will be the Mv Alexander von Humboldt sailing under the Bahamas flag. The ship belongs to a British shipowner, and the cruise is chartered by a German company.
Mv Alexander von Humboldt is 152,5 metres long, 19,8 metres wide and its draught is 5,8 metres, 400 passengers will be on board, mainly citizens of Germany and an international crew consisting of over 200 people.
It will be the first cruise of this cruise ship on the Baltic Sea in 2010. Over the span of 14 days it will visit Hamburg, Szczecin, Gdańsk, Visby, Stockholm, Mariehamn, Kotka, Sankt Petersburg, Tallin, Ronne and Aeroeskoebing.
In Szczecin the ship will be docked in the Wały Chrobrego Quay from 7.30 am to 2 pm. The cruise ship will be welcomed by a representative orchestra. During its stay there will be a centre for the City’s promotion on the quay and one can obtain information on the city, brochures and maps here. This way of service, existing from 2008, is highly thought of by the passengers and crews of cruise ships. The passengers of the cruise ship will sightsee Szczecin, i.a. Wały Chrobrego, Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle, the Cathedral, and Jasne Błonia during the organised trips by bus or individually.
The same cruise ship will visit Szczecin again on 14 August 2010.
The calling of Mv Alexander von Humboldt will be the first out of thirteen callings of offshore cruise trips to Szczecin in the 2010 season. Also this year inland cruise ships will visit us over 100 times.
Offshore cruise ships in Szczecin in 2010 

11.05.2010 Alexander von Humboldt
20.05.2010 Athena
08.06.2010 Braemar
11.06.2010 Black Wath
11.06.2010 Delphin Voyager
19.06.2010 Silver Cloud
31.07.2010 Spirit of Adventure
06.08.2010 Sebourn Sojourn
14.08.2010 Alexander von Humboldt
01.09.2010 Sebourn Sojourun
13.09.2010 Sebourn Sojourun
18.09.2010 Saga Pearl II
02.10.2010 Braemar

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