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Another Orlik in Szczecin

Friday, 23/04/2010
Another Orlik in Szczecin

Another sports pitch complex, built as part of the programme entitled “My Pitch – Orlik 2010” and located within Secondary School No. 7 at ul. Jana Styki 13, has been commissioned today (on 22nd April 2010).
The ceremonial opening of the pitch was attended by students and teachers, accompanied by representatives of the municipal and voivodeship Government authorities.
The ceremony’s programme included, among other things, a special football match between the football representation of the 7th Secondary School and a Pogoń Szczecin team comprising former and current players.
The pitch complex investment cost has amounted to PLN 1,450,000, including a subsidy of PLN 666,000 from the Ministry of Sport and Tourism and the Marshal’s Office (and Szczecin City Hall funds amounting to PLN 784,000).
The investment also covered the necessary land infrastructure, including water-supply, sewerage, and power-supply networks, as well as football pitch drainage and transport routes. The investment was realised in full compliance with the Governmental programme entitled “My Pitch – Orlik 2010”.
By the end of this year Szczecin will have 20 Orlik pitches in total.

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