Poznaj Szczecin

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Voivode's Office

The Renaissance Revival buildings, designed by Paul Kieschke and Lehmgrübner’s, were built in 1906-1911 as the second complex on the terraces intended for the Szczecin District Government and the offices of the maritime economy, as well as the residence of the district’s President. The five-winged middle edifice has two rectangular courtyards inside. It features two 60 m high towers. The southern tower is crowned with a cupola with the figure of a mariner resting on an anchor. Until the War the northern one, called the seafaring tower, served the purposes of hanging navigation signs and the ball that was dropped at high noon informed the ship crews in the port that it was precisely midday. The southern tower, featuring the mariner, has plaster castings of all the sculpted details of the facade, in case of the need to reconstruct them if they are destroyed.
From the north, the former Szczecin District Government Building is adjoined by a double-winged building which, as mentioned before, initially served maritime institutions. The southern building, handed over in 1912, provided lodgings for the district’s President.
On 30 April 1945 at 8:15 this edifice, serving as the Office of the Representative of the Polish Government, had the Polish flag put up for the first time. This fact was communicated to the Polish Central Government by the then provisional Mayor of Szczecin, Eng. Piotr Zaremba. Today, the edifice remains the seat of the Voivodeship Office.


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