Poznaj Szczecin

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The New Town Hall

The construction of the Neo-Gothic New Town Hall commenced on 2 September 1875, considering the growing needs of the city and the lack of room in the Old Town Hall in the area of the so-called New City, erected outside the fortress retrenchments from 1846. The ambitious design developed by Karl Kruhl assumed that the building’s cubic capacity would exceed that of the Gdansk, Stralsund and Greifswald town halls put together. The consecration and commissioning took place on 10 January 1879. The municipality at that time comprised a burgomaster, a mayor and 19 councillors, only 6 of whom received permanent salaries from the municipal budget. The city authorities comprised 64 councillors elected every six years from among the residents of the city. The councillors formed 14 bodies and deputations.
The town hall was slightly damaged during the bombings, and then destroyed in a fire deliberately set on 6 December 1945. The burnt walls stood there until 1956. It was initially planned that the building would house some of the City Office departments. Eventually, once reconstructed, it was passed on to maritime institutions. The exterior walls of the building comprise ornamental elevations. On the eastern and western side of the upper section you can see two ceramic Swedish lions holding a crown of the Vasa dynasty, displayed over the Szczecin coat of arms. Above the entrance, on the western side, there are four ceramic 140-cm-high figures, symbolising knowledge, the agricultural economy, industry and the maritime economy. Inside the staircase there is a gypsum plate with the Szczecin coat of arms of 1660, moved there from the Old Town Hall.


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