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The National Museum Gallery and „13 Muses” Club

Until 1721 the site of the present buildings used to feature the buildings of a bath, property of the St Mary’s Church, and the rector’s house, referred to as “the salt barrel” (Salzfass). The buildings stood next to the Młyńska Gate and the nearby defence walls, on which a cannon resembling a salt barrel was placed.
In 1722 the corner house belonged to Andreas Brehmer. In 1777 it was sold to the secret councillor von Borck, and in 1784 to the merchant Toussaint. His surviving wife sold the building to the military authorities who set up the General Szczecin Headquarters there.
From 1728 the adjacent buildings belonged to the Royal Post Office. In 1887, when the post office was moved to Dworcowa Street, the buildings were taken over by the General Commendatory. After the reconstruction in 1887-1889, based on the design developed by a construction inspector named Zeidler, a uniform building complex was established to be used by the military authorities until the end of the last war.
In 1958 the municipal authorities passed the reconstructed facilities to the cultural institutions and to the editorial board of the weekly magazine entitled “Jantar”. They also housed a library and a reading room.
The corner house was reconstructed in 1975-1981 and handed over to the gallery of the National Museum. Nowadays, as in the past, the buildings make up a uniform complex which, along with the gallery, also features the 13 Muse Club. The window lintels on the second floor display heads of the contemporary Szczecin residents of merit in the area of culture, i.e. Prof. Władysław Filipowiak, head of the National Museum, a deceased plastic artist and writer Janina Kosińska, a deceased writer Jan Papuga, a monuments conserver Stefan Kwilecki, an art historian Zofia Fafius, an architect Bogdan Skłodowski, and Józef Baran (Barecki), the former editor of Głos Szczeciński.



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