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The National Museum

The Baroque palace was built to the design developed by Lieutenant-Colonel Gerhard Cornelius van Wallrawe at the end of the 1720s. It was intended to house the seat of the Pomeranian States Assembly (Landeshaus). In 1877 a 2.5-metre-high statue of the Prussian King Frederick the Great, made of Carrara marble by sculptor Johann Gottfried Schadow, was placed in the palace hall. From 10 October 1793, the statue stood on the present Żołnierza Polskiego Square. After the last War it was dismounted and put in the basement of the National Museum, next to the plate commemorating Catherine II, which was removed from the building at 1 Farna Street.
In 1928, having constructed the new seat of the Pomeranian Assembly, i.e. the complex of the current buildings of the Szczecin City Hall, the palace was adapted to house the museum. Nowadays it features the seat of the National Museum Directorate and exhibition areas of the Gallery of Old Art, which comprise mediaeval exhibits and exhibits connected with the House of Griffins (12th-17th Century).
Outside, over the entrance to the museum, there is a nine-field coat of arms of the Pomeranian Province in the company of “wild men”. At the top of the façade there is a tympanum with a four-field coat of arms, decorated with three vases and figures of a man and a woman in a semi-lying position.


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