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The Maritime Museum

The museum building, designed by Wilhelm Meyer-Schwartau, who presented several variants for acceptance, was constructed as the third building on the terraces in 1908-1911. The final design was approved on 21 February 1907 and the construction started a year later. The museum was opened on 23 June 1913. On 21 March 1945 its collections were taken away to the castle of Coburg in Germany. After the War, on 29 June 1948, it saw the official opening of the first Maritime Museum in Poland. In 1950 the Maritime Museum was closed down and its collections were transferred to the City Museum. The antique collection of the Dohrns and the equestrian statute of Colleoni were relocated to Warsaw. The National Museum in Szczecin was established in 1970.
The southern side of the avant-corps features a relief depicting, against the background of olive trees and a triumphal arch, the muse of sculpture, graphics and painting that symbolises the main collections of the museum
On the northern side of the avant-corps there is the coat of arms of Szczecin from 1660 accompanied by two Swedish lions and with a Swedish crown. A similar coat of arms, made as sgraffito, is located on the western wall of the edifice.
The front side of the avant-corps, on the side of the road, has allegories of four periods in the history of art with the most magnificent buildings of each, i.e.
• Khufu’s Pyramid and the Sphinx
• the Parthenon in Athens
• the Gothic Cathedral in Cologne,
• the Renaissance St Peter’s Basilica in Rome


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