Poznaj Szczecin

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The Maritime Academy

The Chrobry Embankments (Hakenterasse) were formed and constructed in 1902-1921 on the initiative of the then Burgomaster of Szczecin Hermann Haken, to the design of architect Wilhelm Meyer Schwartau. They were built on the site of the demolished Fort of Leopold from 1724-1740. The about 500-m-long and 19-m-high terraces, lined with lindens and featuring edifices with unique shapes, were to become Szczecin’s showcase.
The first corner edifice, designed by Emil Drews, was constructed between 1902 and 1905 in the style of late Historicism for the National Insurance Company (Landesverziherugnsanstalt). After the last War it housed the Head Maritime Office and the Central Management of Maritime Fishing. In 1962 the building was handed over to the National Maritime School, which in 1968 was transformed into the Maritime Higher School, later to become the Maritime University of Szczecin.
Another Renaissance Revival edifice, the fourth on the terraces, was designed by head of municipal planning Heinrich Osterwold for the Customs Head Office. Construction began in the spring of 1914, but the War held it back until the spring of 1919 and it was completed in 1921. Due to the shortage of funds, the 25-m-high tower, which was to be quadrilateral in its lower and octagonal in its upper part, with two galleries and a Baroque Revival cupola, was not built. In 1923 the building was handed over to the Inland Revenue Office (Landes Finanzamt). It should be mentioned that there were initial plans to build a 25-m-high tower with two galleries and a Baroque Revival cupola with a flag. In the post-War period, the place housed the Szczecin Port Authority. In 1962-1968 it was occupied by the National School of Maritime Fishing, and later the Maritime Higher School. Over the main portal there is a cartouche with the construction date “1914-1921”.


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