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The Church – Sanctuary of the Holy Jezus Heart

The cornerstone for the Protestant garrison church was laid on 24 October 1913. The church was designed by architect Bernard Stahl, and its construction according to the Modernist style, considering the Prussian involvement in the military operations during the First World War, was performed in 1913-1919. After the War it became a Roman Catholic church.
The church is a three-aisle building, entirely made of concrete on the projection of a rectangle with a semi-circular presbytery. The front elevation of the spire displays the figure of Christ, made of sandstone by sculptor A. Szulc. Over the middle entrance there is a bas-relief showing St George sitting on horseback and fighting with a dragon.
Four bells, i.e. “The Heart of Christ” weighing 1200 kg, “Our Mother of Częstochowa” weighing 701 kg, “John Paul II” weighing 580 kg, and “St Maximilian Kolbe” weighing 350 kg, were hung on the bell tower in 1986.
Inside the church there is a Neo-Gothic altar dating back to around 1880, showing the Last Supper. It was moved from the church on Bogurodzicy Street, which burnt down in during war. Over the chancel arch wall there is a modern polychrome displaying Christ in the company of Polish saints and angels.


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