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The Building of the Post Management and Polish Telecom Company

The Neo-Gothic post office building was constructed on the site of the modern-day retrenchments and casemates between the present Port Gate and the Royal Bastion, closing the former green parade park, later referred to as the Berlin Park, from the west, which were demolished after 1873. The initial building design was developed in 1900 by architect Rechenberg and the final design was prepared by construction advisor Hinze. The construction work was carried out in the period of 1901-1905. The building was intended to house the Prussian Royal Post Office. The ground floor was occupied by the post office whereas the remaining floors contained flats of post office workers.
A three-floor building made of red, and partly-tiled brick has a richly-decorated elevation. At the front there are three projections with entrance gates on the ground level, two of which contain track-ways which were used by cargo trams entering the internal courtyards of the post office. The tram rails have survived until today. The middle projection has a five-axis structure, whereas the remaining ones have one-axis, filled up with blends in the upper parts. The lower part of the elevation contains a high stony plinth. Steel gratings, balustrades and handrails testify to the exceptional blacksmith’s skills of the creators.
In front of the building there grow four old pedunculate oaks. Since the end of the War the building has been used by Poczta Polska (Polish postal services) and by Telekomunikacja Polska (Polish communications services).


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