Poznaj Szczecin

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The Building of Old Barracs

During the construction of the modern fortifications of the Szczecin fortress the mediaeval Holy Spirit Gate was replaced by the Snail Gate. Its purpose was to guard the fortress from the south. The previous sieges of the town suggested that the south and south-western sides, that is the Bezrzecze-Siadło Dolne embankment, were the most dangerous. The Fort Prusy star fort with its own barracks and essential back-up facilities was also built here for this reason. It was located far to the south-west, on the outer side of the main walls and ramparts. In 1776, to provide space for the reinforcements of the Snail Gate garrison and the nearby Holy Spirit (Heilige-Geist Schanze), Green (Grün Schanze), and Passau (Passauer Schanze) ramparts, two single-storey barracks with pitched roofs were built on the two terraces at the foot of the so-called Ox Hill (Rinden Berg?, Ochsen Berg?). The buildings housed 192 rooms in total and could accommodate 96 married and 348 non-married soldiers who served their military duty in the Szczecin stronghold. The barracks were completely redeveloped in 1818. Nowadays, the only remaining part is the building on the lower terrace, which, having undergone thorough post-war redevelopment, houses an insurance society. Soon a modern building will be erected on the foundations of the former upper-terrace structure.


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