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St. Mary's Gymnasium

The traditions of St Mary’s Gymnasium go back to 1263, when Duke Barnim I founded a school next to St Mary’s Church.
After the reformation in 1534, the Dukes Barnim XI and Philip I transformed the gymnasium into the Pedagogium of the Marian Foundation.
In 1667 the Swedish King Charles XI elevated the school to the name of the Royal Swedish Gymnasium Karolinum and in 1670 it received the nickname of the Ducal gymnasium.
In 1805 the City Council became the patron of the gymnasium and the name was changed to the Royal and City Gymnasium.
The church had been destroyed in a fire caused by a lightning strike in 1789 and on 3 August 1830 the construction of the current edifice of the Royal and City Gymnasium began. The structure was designed and supervised by head of municipal planning Scabell, the masonry work was performed by Bessin, and carpentry by Kämerling. The construction was completed on 10 September and the building was consecrated on 15 October 1832. Two years later, Municipal Councillor Dreher founded an organ for the Gymnasium. Its library housed about 30 thousand volumes – the Pomeranian Province’s most extensive collection. After the new City Gymnasium was built on 1 October 1869 on the current Dworcowa St., the Royal and City Gymnasium was converted into a four-grade primary school, and later it became a private residence.
After the War the building housed various schools, including a vocational school for teachers. Today it is the 9th General Secondary School. On the front wall there is a bronze plaque dedicated to the soldiers who fought in the Battle of Monte Cassino in 1944.


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