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Professors Houses

The houses date back to the 14th Century. Initially, they faced St Mary’s Church, being part of a complex of buildings of St Mary’s church chapter which comprised a school building, a refectory, bedrooms, kitchens, basements, the chapterhouse, clergymen’s houses, and a brewery.
After the Pedagogium of the Marian Foundation was established in 1543, several years later (about 1550) a house with a large auditorium was built at 25 Mariacka St. in the place of the chapter’s seat, featuring a dining room and lodgings for students. Next to it (26 Mariacka St.) an administrative building was erected, called “the economics”, which housed the administrator’s office, a courtroom, and an archive. Its cellars served for wine, beer and wood storage, and also as a solitary confinement cell for students and a prison for subjects. The attic featured a store of grain, which was supplied in crates using the small crane. A brewery stood in the courtyard (the students of the Pedagogium had a 0.5-litre daily allowance of beer).
Houses from No. 6 to 12 were occupied by the rector and his deputies, deans, archdeacons, chaplains, the organist, the sexton, and others.
After the town was taken over by the Prussian authorities, in 1737 Eng. Col. Freund, at the King’s request, prepared a design for the redevelopment of the houses in the Classicist style. In 1737-1742 the well-known church builders Labry and Knobel led the redevelopment, moving the northern Façade from the southern to the northern side of the building.
Towards the end of the 18th Century, the houses featured a garrison hospital, and in the early 19th Century an arsenal of the Guard.
In the interwar period the houses served residential purposes and have performed this function to this day, after their post-War reconstruction.


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