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Flora Statue

The Baroque monument to Flora, the Roman Goddess of spring and flowers, was created jointly by Johann Georg Glume and J.K. Koch around 1730. It initially stood in the councillor Philip Otto von Grumbkow’s palace garden, besides the former Horse Market (Roßmarkt). When the wooden figure of a sitting woman, placed at the top of the attic of the Grumbkow’s palace, was damaged in the 1770s, it was replaced with the statue of Flora. In the course of the palace reconstruction in 1890-1891, Flora was replaced with a globe figure, placed at the top of the tympanum. In 1906 the statue of Flora was moved to the valley near the current Żeromski Park, comprising a park restaurant, in the course of constructing the recreation complex in the southern section of the park. After the Second World War the statue was placed in the shade of plane trees on the Prussian Homage Square, facing Małopolska Street, where it stood for many years. Then it was moved to the area near the crossing of Kuśnierska and Panieńska Streets. Following the maintenance work in 1991, it was placed in the shade of bushes on White Eagle Square (Robmarkt), and eventually on the sun-drenched lawn.
In Ancient Rome annual feasts were organised in the period from 28 April to 3 May to worship Goddess Flora, during which abundant meals were eaten and a lot of wine was drunk.


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