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'WIKING' kayaking rental office in Szczecin Dąbie

'WIKING' kayaking rental office in Szczecin Dąbie
Contact details:

Harcerski Ośrodek Morski
ul. Żaglowa 2

+48 501 036 860

The 'WIKING' kayaking rental office in Szczecin Dąbie is situated in the Scout Marine Centre at 2 Żaglowa Street (right hand side of the quay, by the slipway), just next to the city bathing area in Szczecin Dąbie. Wiking cooperates with the 'WODNIK” Water Sports Rentals in Siadło Dolne. Our activities are also connected with sponsoring and technical support of the 'WIKING' Inter-school Sports Club in Szczecin.

In order to rent a kayak it is necessary to leave ID in deposit for the duration of the renting, as well as to know and sign rental terms and conditions. Each kayak is equipped with ores and life jackets. Should there be no employees of the rental office present due to a leave of absence, in order to rent a kayak you need to report at the HOM (SMC) boatswain (dressed in red).
2012 PRICELIST (gross, Friday/Sunday):

One day kayak rental, Dąbie Lake - 35,00
One day kayaking trip rental - 30,00 (bookings, trip only + transport)
Kayaking trip rentals, from 2 days – starting at 30,00 per day (advance booking – for one day, price dependent on the number of kayaks)
Kayak hourly rentals - 8,00 per each commenced hour
Kayak transport (10 kayaks) – 2,00/km.

The centre offers 12 tourist kayaks to rent. Additionally, thanks to the cooperation of other kayaking tourism centres, we can organise as many as 50 kayaks. The rental office opens 8.30 a.m. to 8 p.m. In the event of absence of the office staff, the kayaks are rented at the Scout Marine Centre BOATSWAIN. He is dressed in red and needs to be located in the area. In the event of strong winds, kayaks are not rented.

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