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The water tram

Contact details:

Żegluga Szczecińska Turystyka Wydarzenia Sp. z o.o.
8 Tadeusza Wendy street
70-655 Szczecin

The first stop is situated on the „Bulwar Piastowski” (near the Long Bridge) and the second at „Nabrzeże Starówka” near NorthEast Marina.
The catamaran (water-taxi) takes up to 12 people and runs every day 10:00-19:30.
Courses are every 30 minutes.
* 10:00 first cruise from „Nabrzeże Starówka” (Yacht Port on Grodzka Island)
* 19:30 last cruise from „Bulwar Piastowski” (near Long Bridge)
One way ticket prices:
* 5 pln for everyone
* 3 pln for transporting the bike
Tickets are available for purchase on board the vessel. It's possible to book a ticket by phone (508 223 666).
Regular catamaran cruises will start on the day of sailing on the Oder, on 27 April 2018.
More information: www.tramwajwodny.szczecin.pl

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