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A cruise to Narvik

Tuesday, 14/04/2015
A cruise to Narvik

 A cruise to commemorate 70 years of Polish sailing in Western Pomerania will begin at the end of May.

Young people from Szczecin will sail to the far North, beyond the Arctic Circle, to the Svalbard archipelago and Hornsund, a Polish Polar Station. The main destination of this journey will be the Norwegian city of Narvik.
Young sailors from Szczecin intend to follow the expedition of the Mariusz Zaruski and Zew Morza sailing ships. In 1957 these vessels sailed from Szczecin to Narvik for soil from the battlegrounds, on which Polish troops fought for the freedom of Norway. During this voyage, for the first time in the history of Polish sailing the yachts crossed the Arctic Circle.

The Narvik 2015 expedition will be an educational cruise with historical, natural, photographic and geological agenda.

In Narvik, young sailors will meet the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Trondheim and will lay flowers in the Polish military cemetery in Hakvik.

The expedition will be led by Captain Maciej Krzeptowski.

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