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The Tall Ships Races 2013

Wednesday, 07/08/2013
The Tall Ships Races 2013

The final of The Tall Ships Races 2013 has finished! Szczecin port was visited by 2,5 million people who admired the most beautiful world tall ships, had fun with Polish and world music stars and spent wonderful time together.

91 tall ships from 16 countries (3000 sailors of 36 nations) came to our city from Friday to early afternoon Saturday hours. Among the others there were such impressive tall ships as: Dar Młodzieży, Russian Kruzensztern and Mir, Mexican Cuauhtemoc, Brazilian Cisne Branco, Norwegian Staatsraad Lemkuhl and Christian Radich, German Alexander von Humboldt II and reproductions of tall ships which were built several centuries ago – Swedish Goeteborg and Russian Sztandart. Their boards were available for visitors and the crews prepared additional attractions such as singing shanties together.

Official opening took place on Saturday on STS Dar Mlodziezy with the presence of the President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski who was an honorable patron of this event. Traditional wording which inaugurates events: “The final of TSR 2013 has started” was said by the President of Szczecin Piotr Krzystek.

On Sunday everyone was delighted with the parade of the crews. Colorful and lively parade of sailors was marching through Szczecin’s streets together with the audience. The final of the procession was awards distribution for the regatta from Aarhus through Helsinki, Riga to Szczecin. We were especially glad about the success of Polish STS Dar Szczecina which won in class C. Norwegian Staatsraad Lemkuhl was the best in class A, British Maybe was the winner in class B and Russian Akela was the best among the smallest yachts in class D.

The final of TSR was also a cultural-entertaining event. The organizers prepared numerous concerts, workshops and activities for kids, picnics, markets and sport competitions. However the foreground was taken by concerts of Polish and world music stars. The audience greeted warmly and enthusiastically Nelly Furtado and her support Ewa Farna on Sunday. Canadian singer had also sung during Eska Music Awards Gala which was transmitted live in Polish Television. Szczecin port was full of Polish hits from previous months. Liber, Sylwia Grzeszczak, Ewelina Lisowska, Enej, LemON, Margaret were the stars among the others. Firework display was a fantastic Saturday final. Moreover, Voo Voo played on Friday. On Monday Hey band from Szczecin celebrated its 20th anniversary together with its guests and friends. The whole band was feted and the concert was really moving.

The event was visited by the record number of visitors which is 2,5 million people. It is half a million more than 6 years ago during the last final in Szczecin. Saturday was the record day when the event was visited by one million people. On Friday even before the event was officially opened it was visited by 100 thousand people. The farewell of tall ships on Tuesday was also followed by 100 thousand people.

Szczecin was the host of The Tall Ships Races Final for the second time. According to opinions of sailors, tourists, residents and journalists Szczecin was up to the task perfectly. The area of Lasztownia and Chrobry Embankment is ideal for events of this kind. The city itself got more beautiful and the organizers rose to a challenge being rich in experience from the last final. Moreover, cultural and entertainment offer was great. Last but of course not least were the most impressive and amazing tall ships. The final of TSR 2013 can be considered as one of the biggest and the most successful outdoor events in Poland.

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