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Artistic events of TTSR 2013 final

Wednesday, 20/03/2013
Artistic events of TTSR 2013 final

In August Szczecin will become the host of The Tall Ships Races' final for the second time. Numerous accompanying events are planned during this great sailing event.

Numerous entertainment attractions around Szczecin are planned during the final of TTSR 2013. These events are intended to celebrate the whole regatta and should crown unusual sailing experience and great fun.

The final of TTSR in Szczecin is most of all great celebration of sailors. Accompanying events are only a background that should put residents and tourists in a good mood.

Concerts, plays, parade of the tall ships and other attractions are going to take place for 4 days, starting on Friday (2nd.August).

On Friday (2nd.August) at 9 PM the concert of philharmonic orchestra with the companion Voo Voo band takes place.
One of the most important events during the final of regatta will be Eska Music Awards 2013 concert. On Saturday (3rd.August), at 9 PM a big music gala is scheduled to start. It will be transmitted live in Polish Television. The biggest stars of Polish popular music will perform on the stage.

On Sunday there will be a concert of international star. Negotiations are still being held with some artists.
Already on Friday (2nd.August) at Chrobry Embankment Szczecin's tall ships will be welcomed during their entrance to the port. At 4 PM, a concert of only Szczecin performers is going to take place.

On Saturday (3rd.August) at 12 PM next tall ships will be welcomed in Szczecin. An official start of the regatta is planned for 4 PM.

Succeeding tradition of The Tall Ships Races is the parade of the crews. On Saturday at 4 PM sailors from all over the world will march around the city in their traditional flag outfits.

On Sunday (4th, August) in Lasztownia a big shanty concert is planned. On the same day at 8 PM a disco for crews is going to take place.

On Monday (5th.August) at 4 PM the second part of the concert of Szczecin’s performers starts. There will be also a second stage with attractions for children during the whole regatta.

The second final of The Tall Ships Races which takes place in Szczecin on 3rd-6th.August 2013 will be prolonged for the 6th International Festival of Fireworks PYROMAGIC 2013 and the festival of electronic music Szczecin Music Live 2013.

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