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Patryk Zbroja Yacht Racing Team is the best

Monday, 08/10/2012
Patryk Zbroja Yacht Racing Team is the best


Last weekend Szczecin crew of Patryk Zbroja Yacht Racing Team won Audi Match Race in German Waren (at Mueritz Lake). It is included in the World Cup.

The crew consisted of an upwind trimmer Maciej Gonero, a pitman Krzysztof Żełudziewicz and Patryk Zbroja. The success is huge as the crew didn’t lose any race during the regatta. The key to the success was the victory during eliminations. During semi-finals Zbroja’s crew won 1:0 with the crew of J. Hartwig.


The semi-final race of Zbroja and Hartwig was one of the most extreme races taking into consideration official match races. Yachts went with the wind, without any additional sails and just flew over the waves beating the unofficial world records in their class. The race was interrupted due to strong wind which blew more than 40 knots.
The second semi-final took place between German crews of F.Oehme and S.Meister. It was interrupted with the result 1:1. The decision to finish the race was made according to qualification round. The victory of Szczecin crew was indisputable due to no loss of points.



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