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Development of Sailing Center

Monday, 24/09/2012
Development of Sailing Center

Next one hundred yachts will moor at the marina in Przestrzenna Street in the following season. Some of the new jetties are already in water thanks to EU funds. The outline of the new marina is already visible.

A hangar for yachts, 4 bungalows, sanitary, administrative and educational buildings are already built in the Sailing Center. In January, the next phase of the investment began. It involves building a canteen and new places for yachts. Youth hostel and conference halls are also in plans. Maneuvering area is going to be enlarged too.

Boxes for yachts are almost finished. The canteen is being built. It is being insulated and finished inside. The final effect will be visible already this year. The plan of development is available at http://centrumzeglarskie.pl/plan-rozbudowy-centrum.html. However it's best to come to the Sailing Center and see yourself.

Euro-regional Sailing and Water Education Center in Szczecin has a double role- it's a marina and educational and sport center for children and teenagers. It is also a base of extreme sports, regatta sailing and windsurfing. 


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