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TTSR has finished with a great success of Szczecin tall ships !

Monday, 27/08/2012
TTSR has finished with a great success of Szczecin tall ships !

The Tall Ships Races 2012 had lasted for more than 2 months and took place between ports in France, Portugal, Spain and Ireland. The final was held in Dublin where the best tall ships were awarded. Our boats "Fryderyk Chopin" and "Dar Szczecina" are among the winners too.

"Dar Szczecina", which was lead by the captain Jerzy Szwoch, was the first in class C. During the last phase leading from La Coruna to Dublin the crew of our ship declassed the rivals and reached the finish as the first. At the same it won the whole regatta.

"Fryderyk Chopin", the second Szczecin tall ship, reached the finish as the third boat in group A . It won the first place in the whole regatta in its class of the biggest tall ships. However its not the end of our success. The tall ship navigated by Tomasz Ostrowski was the fastest boat in the whole regatta. Young Szczecin crew was awarded with the trophy for the first place during all the parades. Colorful outfits and unusual program which was performed aroused enthusiasm among the jury and the audience.

The big final of The Tall Ships Races took place also in Szczecin in 2007. Our city was visited by the biggest and the most beautiful tall ships from all over the world. „Cuauhtemoc”, „Lord Nelson”, „Sedov, Kruzenshtern”, „Chopin”, „Dar Młodzieży” and the biggest cruiser in the world "The World" could be admired at Chrobry Embankment. Almost 100 yachts and tall ships and 3,5 thousand crew from 35 countries around the world came to Szczecin. 2 million people visited Szczecin during the rally. The feast lasted for 5 days until late night hours.

Next year regatta is going to come back to Szczecin. Our city will be the center of world sailing one more time during the big final of The Tall Ships Races 2013. Next year, we expect 120 yachts and 2,5 million visitors. The final of regatta will be extended for the Firework Festival and accompanied by the performances of the world-class stars.


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