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Baltic Loop that is the Baltic Sea around the clock

Monday, 13/08/2012
Baltic Loop that is the Baltic Sea around the clock

On the 25th.August two Szczecin sailors are going to depart for a high-performance cruise around the Baltic Sea. They will sail non-stop without any stops in any ports regardless of the weather. They may establish the lowest time and begin a new sailing tradition - beating records in going around the Baltic Sea. It will be the first such an event in the history of Polish sailing.

Krzysztof "Kokos" Łobodziec and Mikołaj "Miki" Marecki are the initiators and managers of the idea. They have 1200 nautical miles ahead of them, whimsical weather, sleepless nights and dangerous September water. They are going to go around the Baltic Sea with the start in Świnoujście and then pass Rostock, Ystad, Stockholm, Tallinn, Riga, Klaipeda and Hel. The whole expedition finishes in Szczecin. The result and Szczecin President's Cup will be waiting for the dare devils next year.

The venture is supported by Szczecin and Świnoujście City.„Świnoujście - Szczecin BALTIC LOOP 2012 Speed Challenge” will have its fan page on Facebook and at its website www.BalticLoop.pl (currently under construction).

Mikołaj Marecki and Krzysztof Łobodziec take part in the social campaign "Szczecin _I recommend with the whole heart AMBASSADOR". More information at: www.szczecin.eu/ambasador




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