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Discovery came to Szczecin

Monday, 09/07/2012
Discovery came to Szczecin

M/V Discovery came to Szczecin today at 7am. It is the same ship which stared in a famous American TV series "The Love Boat".
There are hundreds of people on board who take part in the cruise called "Baltic Treasures". The ship was welcomed by an orchestra. Coaches were waiting for the passengers. They took them for sightseeing of Szczecin or Berlin. Discovery can be seen from Chrobry Embankment so that Szczecin residents can admire this beautiful and huge boat. It belongs to British ship-owner "Voyages of Discovery" . It is 168 meters long, 24,6 meters wide and it has 7,4 meters draft. It can sail at the speed of 18 knots (33 km/h). There are 8 decks for passengers with health center, fitness, 2 swimming pools, 2 jacuzzis, 4 halls, 6 bars, 2 restaurants, cinema, library, medical center and shops.
The action of famous American TV series "The Love Boat" took place on the same cruiser but then it was called Island Princess.


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